After several months of searching and scouting out a location

for our film's little getaway, it seemed like an impossible task.

Until one night, we stumbled upon a very unique home located

in a small town known as Wolcott, Vermont.


      With a full tank of gas and a lot of gatorade, the boys and I drove

over eight hours north to meet the man who owns what we now know

as The Red Barn. When we arrived, we could not have expected a warmer

greeting. Roderick Thomas, a Welsh scholar, and owner of the home,

immediately took us inside, and a smile ran across each of our faces.


      The generosity and kindness of this town is one of the many reason’s

we are so incredibly grateful and lucky to have found this home.  Before we

ventured back onto the road, we thanked Roderick again for his hospitality,

and let him know how excited we were to feature The Red Barn as the

prime location of our little thriller.  He turned to us, smiled and said:


“If I could give any advice to you when you’re young... think big.”


      So that’s exactly what we’re doing.


      We've assembled a truly talented, charismatic, passionate and

diverse group of hard working individuals.  We love what we do,

and we care how we do it.

Our goal is to reach multiple film festivals and ultimately win them.

(Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes, Toronto, & SXSW to name a few)

      So we'd like to do it right by honoring our team with

the absolute best finished product we can because they

deserve it!  But this does not come without expense, and

we truly cannot do this without your help and support!

      This is an exciting but difficult step in our journey forward

with "The Alpines".  We'd love nothing more than for you to

help us on our quest towards completion of this incredible film.


      If you’d like to help us out, please consider a one-off donation using the

PayPal button below (you don’t need a PayPal account, just a credit card). 


      There’s no amount too small.  It all makes a huge difference for us

to complete working on this film we love so much, host advance screenings,

and submit to very best festivals around to get our film seen by the masses. 


YOU are the ones that can make that possible. 


      As a BONUS, any donation made over $25 USD gets your name listed

under the "Special Thanks" category in the film's end credits, and

EARLY ACCESS to view the film upon it's completion!

      Thank you so much for your support!

With Love,


Mally, Joe, Dante, Sebastian, Aaron, Katrina, Jessie, Niguel, Mike, & Dan

"The Alpines Cast & Crew"

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